We are a non-profit 501c3 organization in the greater Sacramento area dedicated to saving homeless dogs

Available Dogs

Female German Shepherd Dog, Unknown, Adult

Chloe was always an outside dog. When Chloe came to us she was very ill and had a large tumor on the side of her face (which was removed & is benign). She now is a perfectly healthy 3 year old. Chloe has blossomed in foster care. She likes her dog friends, is housebroken, responds to commands, and walks gently on a leash at the pace of the walker. She stays very close to her human and loves snuggles. Chloe is smart, wants to please, learns quickly, and is a devoted companion. The neighborhood children love walking her. She affection trains. Chloe is also determined to be with her foster mom and finds magical ways to get out and wait in the front yard until she returns. She is good in the car and loves to go anywhere her people go. She is perfectly behaved in stores, offices, and at the dog park. She is however fascinated by squirrels, the neighbor's chickens, and chases cats. Complete an application for Chloe at havendogrescue.org.

Male Basenji, Italian Greyhound, Adult

Ashton is a Mild mannered six year old. He seems to be a chihuahua and a basenji or maybe a Cirneco - Italian sighthound. He is very well behaved and seems to be fine with most people although he has not been tested with young children and cat's. Hes quite happy to play, he loves his chew toys. going for walks, and the dog park. He is testing well With our young helpers Brooke 8 and Faith 10 and he seems to be very happy whenever they come by to see him. He weighs in at 19lbs and is very loyal to his human. He sits ny your feet waiting for you to tell him what to do next. He can become grumpy in cold weather and doesn't like going outside for walks if its very cold Complete an application for Ashton at havendogrescue.org.



Female Chihuahua, Chihuahua,

Smaller, older female in need of a lap to enjoy and walks in the park. Shes a sweet senior who is fine with other dogs and is about 6 lbs. Apply at www.havendogrescue.org

Male Boxer, Unknown,

Manny was surrendered to us by his owner due to moving and not being able to care for him any longer. He was an ouside dog for the most part and he appears to be housebroken. We have had manny full vetted and he has been fixed and two masses removed from his side. They were both benign,  Manny is a shy guy at first but he is fond of his foster siblings and does well with other dogs and adults and respectful kids. Manny tends to gobble his food so he needs to be observed at feeding time. We care working on slowing him down and .  He loves his foster home and would like someone who will be dedicated to caring for him until his time is up. 

He does great with other dogs!

Male Dachshund, Chihuahua, Young

Monty was terrified after being surrendered at the shelter. He was not use to handeling and was terrified and shaking constantly. He has been in foster care for a while now and is showing definate signs of improvement. He still resists being picked up unless he is ready for it. He gets very upset if you try to pick him up unexpectedly. Hes a sweet small doxie mix and he loves being on your lap. He is learning to leash walk and seens to enjoy his time at the dog park. He needs a patient experienced owner to love him and show him the rops of being a pet. Apply to save this little guy at Havendogrescue.org


Male Papillon, Chihuahua,

Gizmo is shy. He doesnt like a lot of handeling at first. He likes to get to know his people, and build trust and we think he would LOVE to be the only dog. He likes other smaller dogs but he is very nervouse around big dogs. He loves puppies. He will require a dedicated owner who will help him build his confidence. If you are interested in Gizmo, apply online at www.havendogrescue.org  Thanks

Female Dachshund, Beagle, Young

Calypso was quite feral when we recieved her and we have been working on getting her over her fears. She is about a year old and thirteen pounds. Shes a beauty with a beagle like face and she is warm and cuddly once she gets to know you. We do not recommend her for young kids. She is scheduled for spay on 01/10/18 and will be ready for adoption shortly thereafter. Apply at www.havendogrescue.org before you call to arrange a meeting. Thanks and Happy New Year. 

Male Welsh Corgi, Labrador Retriever, Young

Tango is a big dog in a little body. He has the short legs and long body with a big Lab head and a big bark. Hes playful and friendly around older kids and adults and is playful with other dogs. He can be a tad clumsy around the smaller dogs and can be rough with them so we say NO SMALL DOGS or CATS . This young lad is little more than a year old and was rescued from a high kill shelter. He has a great temprament and would make a great family pet but he needs supervision around smaller dogs. He does need training but had been using the dog door well and he will need a confident dog to follow. Don't wait around on this charming lad, he won't be here long. Hes fixed, chipped and ready to go home with his forever family. He is about 45 LBs

Female Shih Tzu, Maltese, Senior

Rene is a wonderful little 12 lb senior looking for love and an adopter who will care for her. She is deaf and about 12 years old. She is huse broken but has had some problems going sown stairs so ideally we would like her home to be easy for her to access outside or her human will be willing ht carry her down any stairs and let her do her thing. Shes a lovely ole lady and deserves a good home. Apply to foster or adopt Rene at Havendogrescue.org

Male English Setter, Labrador Retriever, Young

Cash is a playful young male. about 45lbs and he gets along with other dogs. He was recused from a high kill shelter and was terrified there making it inpossible for he and his brother Tango to be adopted. They are not bonded but they do like to be together. If you are interested in Cash, apply at HavenDogRescue.org

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization in the greater Sacramento area dedicated to saving homeless dogs