We are a non-profit 501c3 organization in the greater Sacramento area dedicated to saving homeless dogs

Available Dogs

Male Boxer, Unknown, Senior

Manny was surrendered to us by his owner due to moving and not being able to care for him any longer. He was an ouside dog for the most part and he appears to be housebroken. We have had manny full vetted and he has been fixed and two masses removed from his side. They were both benign,  Manny is a shy guy at first but he is fond of his foster siblings and does well with other dogs and adults and respectful kids. Manny tends to gobble his food so he needs to be observed at feeding time. We care working on slowing him down and .  He loves his foster home and would like someone who will be dedicated to caring for him until his time is up. 

He does great with other dogs!

Female Shih Tzu, Pug,

Rene is a love, shes a senior, about 12-13 years old. Shes gentle and loving and without teeth mostly. She is deaf and only has partial vision. She is fine with other dogs and like to wander in the yard and take naps. Shes not great at navigating the stairs and she only has a few teeth left so she needs a wet food diet. If you would like to sponsor Rene Please go to the website and make a donation for her care.

Male Jack Russell Terrier, Chihuahua, Adult

Buddy is always searching for his one and only. He always looks terrified but he really craves affection and dislikes a lot of competions for petting. He is a sweet 18 pounder who will sit up and tap your arm to ask for pets and he really loves to snuggle. He He is very affectionate and loves his human company. 

Male Jack Russell Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Adult

Bruno is a 4 year old ray of sunshine. He lights up around or kids who come to help us with the dogs. He likes going to the park and the playground with them and he would make an excellent family pet. He is housebroken and likes to cuddle and play. He is a great little guy and is waiting for his forever family to come and get him. Please apply at havendogrescue.org

Male Terriers (Small), Maltese, Young

Maurice is a sweet affectionate boy who loves human company. He does well with adults and older kids but is not good with cats. He is quite dominant, so he will need a strong leader to check him. He is dominant personality wise but is easy to redirect and could over come this with proper training. For this reason we are recommending he should go to a strong owner and be observed for a few days until he settles into a new home enviroment.. Please apply at havendogrescue.org

Female Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler, Senior

Active senior lass (she's about 9 years old) looking for a nice home to share w cats and dogs or even kids. Bella has had eye surgery to remove a cherry eye and has had her teeth cleaned and two needed extractions. She should be good for some times now we hope :) She is a nice natured well mannered doggy. Apply @ www.havendogrescue.org

Nickie 3
Female Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Adult

Very Sweet female, snuggley, chihuahua mix, about 8 years old. She's scared and shy and all she wants is a family to love her. She was brought into our vet office for kidney stones and the owner decided that she should be unthanized. She has had her stones removed and is recovering and she is up to date on her shots and spayed etc. Shes a sweet doll and needs some loving and she will be your devoted friend forever. She will need a special diet for the duration of her life to prevent the stones from recurring. Apply at www.havendogrescue.org


Male Italian Greyhound, Chihuahua,

Nigel is a charmer, he loves his person and is sometimes shy but warms up quickly. He had a broken jaw when he was orinally found as a stray but has healed well. He needs a little more work on house training but he is doing great and he likes other animals and people. He is a sweetie and about 8 llbs

Female Chihuahua, Chihuahua,

Vivian is an older female who is mellow and loving. Shes rather nervous in some new situations and definatly is not happy being moved around. We think she would make an excellent pet for an older person or persons who are home a lot. 

Male Poodle (Miniature), Bichon Frise,

Cesar was dropped off at the shelter for needing medical attention. He had an ear, and eye infection and appeared to be rather neglected. He is very sweet and seens to enoy attention and older kids. He is good with the other dogs and is relativley mellow in temprament. Apply at HavenDogRescue.ORG before you call for an appointment to meet him. Thanks

Male Border Collie, German Shepherd Dog, Young

Ninja is a Australian Shepard (border collie) and German Shepard mix, he loves to run!  We walk almost everyday and when time permits, I will take him the fields near me and let him run and we play catch.  He will come to you when you call him.

He is 2.5 years old, his birthday is August 19, 2015.  He has been neuter, (12/28/2015).  Has had all of his shots, (rabies, DHPPL, Bordetella) and I give him Bravecto and Tri-Heart plus. He is a very healthy dog.  He is all black with brindle going thru him, very pretty dog.  I have had a lot of complements on him.

Ninja was crate trained.  I don’t use the crate now.  He sleeps on his bed in my room and has one in the living room.  Ninja does not dig but will bark in the yard if people are walking by or other dogs in the area.  He pretty much had the backyard to run and play.  I have nice yard and he enjoys being back there.  When I leave the house he stays in the garage/yard.  I have a doggie door on the side garage door.  I couldn’t put one in the house due to my set-up.  He will bark when he needs to go out for potty.  Once potty trained he has never had a accident in the house.

Ninja can be timid, he does not like fireworks or loud noises and thunderstorms!  He will stay right by your side when these occur.  He stays with me all the time, every room I go to, he follows me.   However; I do take him to my daughter’s home when I’m away for days and he is OK there and plays with the other dogs, no fighting. 

Ninja likes to talk as well.  He is very smart.  With the proper training he will do well.  I just haven’t had the time to devote to training.  I took him as a puppy.  I needed the training more than him, I never had a dog.  He knows, sit, come, stay, down, shake.  I trained him using treats.  We are working on “off” due to his jumping on you when he wants to play.  He loves catch and tug of war. When the doorbell rings, he will bark until the person comes in the house, then he will jump on them and go get a toy to give to them to play!  Like I said, work in progress on the jumping.

I use a prong collar on him when we walk, that is how I was trained.  Besides, he weighs 60 lbs. and it helps me control him.  When we walk, I let him sniff for a while, then when I say heel, he will heel and walk with me.  He knows stop and sit when we walk and we are working on “leave it” when other dogs are in the area.   He will bark and be aggressive towards them but when I let him sniff and get closer to the other dog he is fine and wants to play.

He loves to ride in the car.  When you say let’s go for a ride, he understands.  I take him on my errands, he will stay in car and sit still and look out the windows.  He does not jump around.  He loves to hike as well.  I will let him off leash and he loves to herd the group I’m with.  He never goes potty on walks!  He will wait until we come home.  However; when I take him on hikes, after he eats he will poop but not on walks!

Female Chihuahua, , Adult

Mocha"  Chihuahua Mix
3 year old, spayed female, Chihuahua/mix, 7.90 lbs

Mocha was recently returned to the shelter for biting her owner when she escaped from her harness and her owner startled her by grabbing her. Mocha is a timid lady and is easily startled by fast movements but is very friendly and easy to handle after being given time to warm up.

She would do best in a home without young children is already doing well at the rescue and playing and going in and out by herself. 

Male Chihuahua, Dachshund, Adult

Sparky was surrendered to us due to his owner having too many animals on the property. Sparky is a shy guy and nervous in his kennel. He is startled by quick movements but does great with his handling and enjoys interacting with staff when given time to warm up. In a home emviroment he is doing very well, he loves car rides and snuggles and is very well behaved in general. 

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization in the greater Sacramento area dedicated to saving homeless dogs