We are a non-profit 501c3 organization in the greater Sacramento area dedicated to saving homeless dogs

Available Dogs

Male Chihuahua, Unknown, Adult

Lap wanted! Bru is a little momma's boy - just bigger than 2 handfuls. He loves going anywhere his mom goes. He's a social lil lad but his favourite place to be is y Mom and he rarley ever goes far. He likes people and would be a good addition for a nurturing human to add to the family. Bru is friendly, playful, and gentle with other dogs. He would be best with older children as young ones are too scarey. He is ready for his perfect home and will deliver a life of love and devotion.

Male Dachshund, , Senior

This old man is friendly and relaxed and like hanging out in the yard and wandering in the dog park. His hind legs fail from time to time. We expect he will not be adopted so for now he has a long term fosterer, He is in FOSPICE. If you would like to gice this old man a fine life for his last days get in touch. You can also sponsir him and help to pay for his care till the end if you like. Click on the ways to help tab for more infomation. 

Male Dachshund, , Adult

I want your attention and a great home!  Kids and dogs are ok but mostly some people that will love and play with us. I'm always smiling! Rudy is super sweet. He and his brother Bodega would love to go home together. They have been together for a long time and we would like them to remain together since they appear to be bonded. Their owners became homeless and couldnt keep these dear little well behaved dogs.

Male Chihuahua, Pug, Adult

Please, please, please take us home.  We promise to play, make you laugh, snuggle, and be your lifetime companions. We're small so we don't take up much space or eat a lot - but our hearts are huge. We love kids and dogs (and grown-ups!). Bodega and Rudy would love to stay together. They are very well behaved and very affectionate and they love to be cuddled. We would like to find a home where they can stay with their family and be well cared for.

Female Chihuahua, Unknown, Adult

Molly is adorable. You can't help but love her. She is about 7 years old and is generally gentle and calm. She gets excited once in a while when she sees toys that appeal to her or plays with her person. Molly will lie in her bed; on the back of the couch; but at night she loves to snuggle in the bed with her person.  She likes other dogs. She has been through a lot recently when her mom was hospitalized and she was brought to our rescue. Molly is special and delivers a great gift of joy from such a little package.  Apply on our website if you would like to meet her.

Female German Shepherd Dog, Unknown, Adult

Chloe was always an outside dog. She had a large tumor on the side of her face (which has nw been removed) and has kidney disease. She is about 3 years old. Chloe has blossomed in foster care. She is well, totally spoiled now that she has learned about couches, and likes her dog friends. She is housebroken, responds to commands, and walks gently on a leash. She likes to stay close to her human and loves snuggles. We need a special person for Chloe to care for her medical needs and is willing to feed her a special diet to give her the best possible chance of a happy life. Her tumor was benign and she has healed very well. Let us know if you are interested in adopting or sponsoring Chloe.

Male Maltese, Poodle (Miniature), Adult

This is Eddy! Eddy is a maltipoo...He is about 6 years old and such a lover...loves to cuddle, give hugs and play fetch. Eddy has a  great personality gets along with other dogs. He is an active loving dog who needs , discipline, and companionship. Eddy is unsure of young children so the ideal situation for him would by someone retired with no kids and needs a companion... He has been well cared for and needs his new owner to care for him well in the future. If you would like to meet Eddie, please submit an adoption application and we will be in touch to arrange a meeting shortly. 

Male Basenji, Italian Greyhound, Adult

Ashton is a Mild mannered six year old. He seems to be a chihuahua and a basenji or maybe a Cirneco - Italian sighthound. He is very well behaved and seems to be fine with most people although he has not been tested with young children and cat's. Hes quite shy buy loves his chew toys and going for walks and the dog park. He is testing well With our young helpers Brooke 8 and Faith 10 and he seems to be very happy whenever they come by to see him. He weighs in at 19lbs and is very loyal to his human. He sits ny your feet waiting for you to tell him what to do next. Complete an application for Ashton at havendogrescue.org.



Female Australian Cattle Dog, Greyhound, Senior

Brandy is a very sweet, quiet senior that needs a safe home to live out her final years in a safe and happy home. She is very mellow, like cats and kids and is fully housebroken. She does have itchy skin patches which we are working on for her right now. She loves her walks and is able to keep up well. Plese submit an application at havendogrescue.org  Thanks

Male Miniature Pinscher, Dachshund, Baby

Wally is so cute. He's got a slight turn in one eye and an underbite that leaves him forever grinning. He's a little nervous around new people but he is learning from the other dogs. We are working on leash training and house breaking but he is doing GREAT!!!!  Before he came to the rescue he was terrified of everything. Its a joy to watch his confidence grow. He is housebroken and getting used to the leash. apply at www.havendogrescue.org

Male Chihuahua, Terriers (Small), Young

Rico is a youngster looking for his forever home. He is only about a year and a half and about 11 lbs. He is up to date on all his shots and he is fixed. He would like a nice home without babies, or nervous kids. Older respectful kids would be fine. He loves walks and chasing and running around at the beach by the river. Because Rico can be vocal when playing he can come off as growling when in fact he is just talking. Rico is a super snuggler and he loves to sleep with his human. he is housebroken and loves the car. He has the softest coat. Apply online for this cheerful, active goofy boy at www.havendogrescue.org

Male Dachshund, Chihuahua, Adult

Lucky just arrived from the shelter and is currently decompressing. We will bring him with us to the event on 10-21 at Rruff Dog Park in Rocklin CA from 9.30 - 11.30 am. All of our dogs will be present. WWW.HavenDogRescue.Org to complete an application. Thank You

Female German Shepherd Dog, , Adult

Edna was pulled from a high kill shelter. She spent her years having babies and was disgarded when she got older. She is a little on the plump side and we will be working with her on losing a few pounds. Shes a friendly spirit with a lot of love to give. Submit your appliction for Edna to www.havendogrescue.org

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization in the greater Sacramento area dedicated to saving homeless dogs